Iconic Art Movies You Need To Stream

Art Movies You Need To Stream

Bringing art into life gives a new thrill and enjoyment to the movies. People already love movies and documentaries made on the lives of artists. This is because these movies explain what the real world looks like for artists, the hurdles they face, and how they maintain their position in society and industry.

This guide will discuss some of the most iconic art movies you shouldn’t miss. They are based on mixed genres ranging from suspense to comedy to thriller.

Thankfully, there is quite a variety when it comes to your art movies so that you can visually immerse yourself in amazing art.

Let’s have a look at some of the most iconic art movies.

Art Movies You Need To Stream

Portrait Of A Lady On Fire

The genre of this movie is romantic. It portrays a story of love and romance between a lady belonging to a wealthy family and a man who is an artist. The artist aims to make her portrait and wants her loved one and her husband in the future.

The movie encompasses the situation of the 18th century when love was divided between classes and the caste system. In addition to this, the movie has some fantastic cinematic shots showing the view of sea waves, brush strokes, and the scenic beauty of the sunset.


Frida is a movie that explains the private and professional life of a Mexican painter named Frida, who resides in a Mexican city. In addition to this, this movie explains the struggle of Frida, how she became one of the most well-known artists in Mexico, and the hurdles she faced during that time.

Midnight In Paris

Movie Midnight in Paris explains the story of a novelist named Gill. Gill is roaming the streets of Paris and looking for his inspiration. During this time, he misses his lady love, who is her fiancé. He also meets some historical personalities on his visit to Paris.

This is a fantastic movie because it introduces you to a wide variety of artists and is draped in artistry all around.

Mr. Turner

This movie is based on the story of one of the most famous British painters named JMW Turner. The movie symbolizes the eccentric romance between Turner and a watercolorist with whom he falls in love. The film is a must-watch in the category of art genre due to its epic cinematography.

Art and Craft

As the name indicates, Art and Craft is a documentary based on Mark Landis. Mark is one of the most generous artists. He doesn’t charge profit for his artwork; instead, he sends his copies and fakes to many different museums and galleries.

Art Movies You Need To Stream

National Gallery

National Gallery is a documentary based on London’s National Gallery. Something astonishing about this documentary is that it uses no sound effects, music, or voice-over. It also won Caesar’s award for Best Documentation. Alternatively, you can try online pokies NZ while you are online.

Bottom Line

Conclusively, art movies are mandatory to watch if you are interested in arts and crafts. You can also watch these movies because they teach us extensively about how the artists have worked throughout the years and made their place.


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