The 3 Most Puzzling Copperfield Magic Tricks Explained

Probably one of the most renowned and highest-paid magicians, David Copperfield is no stranger to the spotlight. He Is known for his theatrics on the stage as he dazzles the crowd with magic that they have never seen before. Spectators claim that they have seen real magic in the hands of Copperfield.

But what if we told you that all magic has its fair share of illusions, calculations, and mind tricks? You probably have seen the breakdown of many magic acts on the internet, and the Copperfield was not an exception to the analyses. So we made you a list of Copperfield’s three shows that you may not know.

Disclaimer: These secrets have never been revealed in public. These are speculations on how Copperfield performs the tricks. Only one of his tricks has been explained publicly because a member of the trick sued Copperfield.

Remember that David and other magicians of his ilk really like to safeguard their secrets and acts of magic. They want to preserve the value that is present therein and want to ensure that more can open their minds, to allow it to wander and wonder.


The Trick: The magician gets strapped and lifted over the stage in this scene. His assistant is on stage at all times, lifting a sheet in front of her. Then Copperfield appears behind the sheet while his helper is bound above the stage.

The Secret: David unties himself as soon as blankets from the attendant cover him. He then dives down the platform, remaining unnoticed thanks to mirrors installed beneath the platform. Copperfield then waits for the sheets to get raised as he climbs to hide behind it. The assistant jumps off the stage, and Copperfield emerges from the sheet (the tied-up assistant is a twin/copy).


The Trick: Copperfield is cut in half in this act, and his upper and lower bodies can be seen separated. Even more impressive is that the upper and lower body portions are on separate wheeled trolleys. The technique concludes with the carts being reassembled and Copperfield becoming whole again.

The Secret: Copperfield’s feet and legs belonged to another assistant. He switched places with them. When the carts are assembled, the actor/assistant hurries to get his feet in the proper place.


This is the only act made public by one of the participants. Gavin Cox is the one who uncovered the trick. Copperfield performs the act by making numerous audience members vanish.

The Trick: He begins by throwing 13 balls into the audience to choose players, who are then given torches and placed in a cage. The participant’s task is to reflect the audience’s light. Then Copperfield raises the cover, revealing that the volunteers have vanished. Later, they reappear, shining the light back on the audience.

The Secret: As Cox says, they travel through a secret corridor outside the theater. After a moment, they run back through the same path, reappearing on the stage with the torches still in their hands.

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